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In September of 2002 Fritz Industries hit a Grand Slam Home Run and sent the competition to the showers. We are confident the X-treme machine will become one of the most popular and profitable coin-operated vending/amusement games of all time.X-Treme Sports Blaster Vending Machine

By adding a 4" capsule dispensing mechanism to the pedestal base we created a self-contained prize redemption skill game. The game is simple to play and easy to understand.

The dispensing of the capsule prize is determined by the number of times the target is struck during play. Adjustments can be made from 1 hit to 99 hits making the capsule prize easy or difficult to win. The X-treme Sportsblaster is a combination vending, amusement, and instant prize redemption game. The income potential is UNBELIEVABLE!

Product Options: Vends 850 ct., 1080 ct., 1430ct. Gumballs, Jawbreakers, etc. or 27 mm Super Balls

Instant Prize Redemption: Stimulates repeat play

Interchangeable Play Fields: Add variety and maintains interest

Digital Scoreboard with Sound: Scores one point and generates an audio response each time the target is struck.

Construction: Solid Steel and Powder Coated finish for years of dependable service

Dimensions: 17" Wide, 31" Length, 60" High (with canister)